InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle

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The InMotion V8 is a great all rounder electric unicycle for power, maneuverability and range while featuring an incredible aesthetic design. Experience the power and responsive acceleration and braking of the InMotion V8. A great electric unicycle for getting around in style.

  • 800W nominal motor power
  • Real world range up to 30 km with a 480Wh battery
  • Front, rear, and side LED (fully customisable in app)
  • Telescopic handle and anti-spinning button for convenience
  • High mounted pedals for tight maneuvering
  • Narrow profile for ease of mounting/dismounting

InMotion V8 currently on sale and includes a Free V8 Protective cover

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle | Australia

The InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle is stocked locally in Australia at E-RIDERZ. Contact us with any enquiries you have about the V8 unit or spare parts.

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle hero background

InMotion V8 Slim body

InMotion strive to integrate multiple functions into one concise electric unicycle that displays the purest beauty and aesthetics.  The amazing appearance will speak for itself.

Featuring a 148mm slim body, the V8 electric unicycle is both elegant in body but also offers amazing riding experience.

Customise your V8 Electric Unicycle

You can customise your V8 Electric unicycle to suit your mood.  Choose any colors you prefer, whether it be sweet pink, solitary brown, sunshine orange, and much more. Multicolored LED lamps can be customised into various lighting effects as well. Maximize your imagination for exceptional DIY ambience lighting.

InMotion v8 front side angle view

Ti-based lightness and Mg-based Magnificence

The V8 has a tailored Ti-Mg (titanium-magnesium) alloy wheel-hub motor, attentively carved to a 1080 gram weight offering beauty and elegance in design from inside to outside.

Antispin push button V8

Anti-Spin Button

The V8’s innovative anti-spinning button stops the V8 Electric unicycles wheel from spinning when you lift it up off the ground.  This is for the scooter’s safety and for your safety.

Optimal Pedal Height

Optimal height of pedals on the V8 Electric Unicycle allows high manoeuvrability while cruising at speed.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Range

45 – 50 km

Max Climb Angle



13.5 kg

Operation Temperature

-10°C to 40°C



Max Load Weight

120 kg

Battery Capacity

480 Wh

Charging Time

4 – 5 hours


800 W

Extra Lights

Customisable colour atmospheric LED lights




InMotion V8 Advantages:

Value: For the new euc rider, the InMotion V8 typically offers the right balance of performance, range and features, at a price point that it is not overly prohibitive. If you are looking for a practical alternative way of commuting, the V8 possesses just about all the capabilities that you’ll need.

Performance: The InMotion V8 can maintain a cruising speed of approximately 28 kmph for most of its battery. This tends to be the sweet spot for speed for most casual riders when commuting. This model is very maneuverable and accelerates well. 

Aesthetics: The V8 is an elegant and functional ewheel, with impressive side LED lights to create amazing visual displays. 

Portable: Between the light weight of the V8 and the extendable trolley handle, the V8 can be conveniently transported onto public transport or up and down stairs.

Reliable: The Inmotion V8 is well established and is a reliable model for everyday use.

Additional Features: Underhandle cut out switch, retractable handle, protective cover offered, water resistant design.


InMotion V8 Disadvantages:

Max Rider Weight: While manufacturer specifications state that the V8 has a maximum rider weight limit of 120kg, we would not recommend the V8 for riders that are over 95kg riding weight (including backpack, etc). It is possible to ride the V8 with a payload of greater then 90kg, but you really need a model with higher motor power and battery capacity to get sufficient performance from the unit and avoid overly stressing it. 

Battery Capacity: The V8 has a battery capacity of 480Wh, which in real world riding conditions offers ~30km in range. For riders that are commuting or for last mile (to and from local public transport), it is usually sufficient.  But if you are wanting to get more mileage consider the V10/V10F or the KS16S.

Motor & Battery Power for Inclines: With a 800W motor, the V8 will typically handle a variety of hills.  However, for heavier riders or riders approaching a steeper incline at speed, the motor draws on more power and there is risk of cutout. Reduce speed when riding up hills to stay safe.

InMotion V8 Wrap Up

We think the InMotion V8 electric unicycle offers great value and performance for its price and is especially suitable for novice riders under 90kg and for those looking for an alternative method of commuting that is convenient and practical. The V8 is a fun wheel to ride that is responsive and accelerates well when you are riding with total weight less then 90kg.

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