Stator Scout Pro X2 Electric Bike


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Stator Bikes Scout Pro X2 Silver
Stator Scout Pro X2 Electric Bike $5,490.00
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Stator Bikes Scout Pro X2 Silver
Stator Scout Pro X2 Electric Bike
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Stator Scout Pro X2 Overview

The Stator Scout Pro X2 is an AWD adventure electric bike. An upgraded Scout Pro series model, the Scout Pro X2 is engineered to be packed with power for an exhilarating ride!

Stator Bikes has supercharged the Scout Pro X2 electric bike with Dual 1000W Bafang motors offering 2,000W of combined power.  Not only is the power doubled compared to the Scout Pro, but the Scout Pro X2 has also paired an additional 52V premium Samsung battery to make it a whopping  (20Ah 1040Wh + 15Ah 780Wh) 1820Wh capacity, making this model a powerhouse and capable of adventures not experienced on other ebikes. 

The go-anywhere attitude of this Stator ebike gives you tons of destination choices for adventure. 

What to love about the Stator Scout Pro X2 electric bike:

  • Dual High torque Front and Rear Bafang motors with combined 2,000W of power!
  • Torque sensor for easy riding experience
  • Front and rear suspension for improved comfort on all terrain
  • Massive range on the Samsung 20AH or 35AH batteries delivering up to 150km of riding!
  • A 52V Controller brings higher torque and speed efficiency compared to 48V systems, offering a better ride experience
  • An Intelligent LCD Colour Screen, providing all the vital information and ride data at your fingertips!

The Stator Scout Pro X2 fat tyre e-bike provides unmatched value and versatility, with specifications and brand parts not found in ebikes for this price range. This model is equipped with an adjustable coffee cup and bottle holder, a two person seat, front and rear alloy fenders, a rear rack for attaching cargo and foldable foot pegs for passengers which, are all accessories provided standard.

Out of box, it is street legal ready to ride with max speed set to 25kmph utilising pedal assist.  But for offroad (private property) riding, unlock the Pro X2 for some serious speed and fun with ride speeds up to 60KMPH.

Key Features

52V 35Ah Batteries

Removable large capacity (1040Wh + 780Wh) and higher voltage (52V) Samsung battery fuels more power, more speed and higher efficiency for a more enjoyable ride.

Stator Cub motor

Dual 1000W Motor

Powerful Dual 1000-Watt Bafang Hub motor offers power for the extra surge riders need when riding on crowded city streets or up hills. 

Intellligent Colour Display

Advanced real-time metrics and adjustable parameters, the colour back-lit LCD display is visible at any time of day and lets you track your trip.

Dual Suspension

Dual suspension (front and rear) seamlessly absorbs bumps in the road making for a more enjoyable e-bike riding experience.

Rear Rack and Fenders

Carry all kinds of cargo with the rear rack, plus the upgraded Fender package keeps you and your Scout X looking stylishly clean during on and off-road riding. 

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tektro front and rear hydraulic disk brakes allow the rider to apply less force to receive the same stopping power as mechanical brakes.

Moto Style Headlight

For safer night riding, the Scout is equipped with a stylish moto-style headlight that is water-resistant and provides 1000-lumen headlight powered by the battery.

7-Speed Gears

The smooth-shifting Shimano 7-speed cassette transmission has 14T to 28T gear range. Great for both pedaling up steep hills and cruising at high speeds. 

Passenger Seat Ready

Bring someone along on your next adventure! 

Fold Down Footpegs

The Scout is equipped with fold down footpegs to allow a passenger to rest their feet on.

Fat All Terrain Tyres

These CST Scout all terrain fat tyres 

Cup Holder

Adjustable cup holder so you can store your drink while you ride.

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What is the warranty on this product?

We offer a 2 Year warranty on electrical/mechanical components and frame upon factory default.

For more information on our policy View our warranty here.

What tyres comes on the Scout?

Scout models ship with a 20 x 4″ all terrain CST Scout tyre. Models ship as standard and you may switch the tyres to any 4-4.25 x 20″ post-market.

Can I add a throttle to my Scout?

Yes! We provide a throttle in the box, but keep in mind throttles are only legal for use on Private Property.

What comes in the box?

The Stator Scout electric bike comes with:

  • Your Stator Bike
  • Fenders
  • Headlight
  • Basic Tool Kit 
  • Standard AU Charger
  • Instructional Manual with links to Instructional videos

Is the Stator Scout street legal?

Out of the box, the Stator Scout is locked to max speed 25kmph to meet requirements for Australian rules for riding in public. Be sure to check with your local authority as to any other regulations in your area.

How do I turn on the Headlight or Turn Signals?

Press and hold + button on the control thumbpad.

Can I wash my Scout?

Our bikes are splash-resistant but using too much or pressurized water can damage them. We recommend using a damp cloth to clean the bike with a small amount of soap on the cloth if needed. It is best to clean the bike soon after it becomes dirty to avoid residue build up.

Do I need a licence or registration to ride a Stator Electric Bike?

You do not need a licence or require any registration to ride an E-Bike in most states in Australia. However if you are found to be riding under the influence of alcohol or exceeding the 25km/h speed limit, you may be fined and penalised against your drivers licence.

Can I unlock my bikes motor power or speed?

You can unlock your bikes motor to maximum output (for riding on private property) allowing you to ride at the bikes maximum speed. But take note doing so will deem your bike not legal for use on public property and exceeding 25km/h is not legal practice in all states.

Can I ride with a passenger on the Stator Scout?

The bannana seat on the Stator Scout fits two people and rear footpegs can be installed for the second person. However be mindful of the total weight capacity.

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Warranty Periods:
  • 2 Years on new Stator Bike units
  • 6 Months on Products Sold as “Ex-Demo” or “Ex-Display” items
  • 3 Months on Refurbished or Repaired Products
  • 3 Months on any Parts & Accessories*

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