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E-RIDERZ specialises in supply of Electric Unicycles (aka EUC or E-Unicycles).

All of our electric unicycles are backed up by a one year warranty on parts & labor including the battery.

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E-RIDERZ is on a mission to enable riderz to get out there and explore Australia in a fun and practical way.  We specialise in the supply of Electric Unicycles (EUC) in Australia and select other personal electric vehicles which are chosen to offer you an exhilarating ride while being reliable and durable enough for everyday use.  For short trips or for longer adventures, whether you are exploring your local urban jungle, cruising along our beautiful coastlines or getting out into the wilderness to enjoy the outdoors, E-RIDERZ will have an eride for you that will give you the freedom to explore.

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Why Choose Us?

E-RIDERZ is Australias specialist supplier for Electric Unicycles and Accessories. We stock the largest range and offer our riderz the greatest level of support and service. Riding gear and protective clothing are also stocked for the benefit and convenience for our riderz.


E-RIDERZ offers the most competitive prices in Australia. We also offer discounts on our vehicles from $50 for new riders and $100 off for existing customers. Our riders also get 30% off spare parts.

Authorised Distributor

We source all our vehicles and genuine spare parts direct from manufacturer.


We are the only EUC supplier in Australia to keep parts available for each unit we supply and have a dedicated EUC service technician for repairs and maintainence our customers wheels.

Local Australian Stock

All our units and parts are stocked in Brisbane Australia.


E-RIDERZ supplies the largest range of Electric Unicycles and spare parts and accessories in Australia. We offer tailored advice to get the right unit and gear for you!


We are developing our own aftermarket EUC accessories to support the community.

Featured Brands

E-RIDERZ retails the largest range of Electric Unicycle brands, EUC accessories and Riding Gear

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