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E-RIDERZ is a retailer for the Stator Bike range of electric bikes and accessories. There are a number of Stator electric bike models on display in the E-RIDERZ retail shop in Murarrie, QLD.

We also offer Stator Bikes spare parts for maintenance.  Scroll down to review all the STATOR Bikes models we have available for supply in Australia.

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Company Background:

Stator Bikes is a Australian-based company producing innovative, high-performing, and value-optimised electric bikes. Always committed to a customer-first ideology, they produce ebikes that are positioned to maximise performance value for riders and provide opportunity to experience adventure.

These electric bikes offer style, performance, quality brand components and heaps of fun at a great price.  Offered with a 2 year warranty, you can rely on a Stator model.

Stator Cub and Stator Scout embody the perfect synergy of power, style, and unbeatable value. These electric bikes will empower you to experience the thrill of riding, embrace the outdoors, and redefine your daily commute. 

Read more about the Stator Scout or Stator Cub by clicking on the links below.

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Stator Scout/Cub Pro (Pro spec includes torque sensor)

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