Slick Revolution | Australia

Slick Revolution | Australia

E-RIDERZ is a distributor of Slick Revolution electric skateboards and parts in Australia.  

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Company Background:

Slick Revolution was founded in 2015 by Robert Simpson in the UK. 

Slick Revolution offers a range of incredible electric skateboards to cater to every ability and budget. Their designs are always being tweaked and improved as they push the envelope on electric skateboard design. Slick Revolution eboards are customisable with spare parts and accessories available. They are always working on new designs with new eboards, controllers and wheels design exploring what is possible in terms of  design and performance.

“2015 saw the start of Slick Revolution’s pursuit to design top performing electric skateboards at an affordable price, right here in the UK. Dissatisfied with what was currently on offer we took electric skateboards back to the drawing board and now offer a wide range of high quality, yet affordable speed machines.”

Robert Simpson – Slick Revolution Founder