Slick Revolution | Australia

Slick Revolution | Australia E-RIDERZ is a distributor of Slick Revolution electric skateboards and parts in Australia.   View all Slick Revolution products in the E-RIDERZ Store. Company Background: Slick Revolution was founded in 2015 by Robert Simpson in the UK.  Slick Revolution offers a range of incredible electric skateboards to cater to every ability and […]

E-RIDERZ AUSTRALIA | Electric Unicycle Specialists

Electric UnicyclesGo Anywhere and EverywhereSHOP E-UNICYCLESKingSong KS-S18InMotion V11Coming to E-RIDERZSee DetailsGotway MSuper ProContact us for pricing!Electric SkateboardsSlick Revolution and ExwaySHOP E-BOARDS Previous Next Largest Range of Electric Unicycles in Australia E-RIDERZ specialises in Electric Unicycles (aka EUC or E-Unicycles). All of our electric wheels are backed up by a one year warranty on parts & […]


E-RIDERZ BRANDS E-RIDERZ has partnered with leading industry suppliers of electric personal transporters in key areas of smart personal vehicle designs. We believe that electric personal vehicles should create freedom and joy for their owners, while offering safety and performance for a fun and exhilarating ride.  The suppliers that we have chosen to work with […]