Leaperkim Sherman-L Electric Unicycle


Leaperkim Sherman-L Electric Unicycle. Available to pre-order with either Samsung 50GB cells or Samsung 50S cells.

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Leaperkim Sherman-L electric unicycle - front angle
Leaperkim Sherman-L Electric Unicycle $6,300.00$6,700.00
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Leaperkim Sherman-L electric unicycle - front angle
Leaperkim Sherman-L Electric Unicycle
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Leaperkim Sherman-L Electric Unicycle Australia

Leaperkims newest Electric unicycle, the Veteran Sherman-L sports a 20″ 3200W motor, 151V 4000Wh batteries, upgraded double layer board, Smart BMS and new no hall sensor emergency mode. This wheel is a larger version of the Leaperkim Lynx for those riders wanting the higher voltage performance of a Lynx with larger capacity battery. 

Leaperkim Sherman-L Features:

  • Magnesium alloy motor rim
  • Magnesium alloy Trolley handle
  • New double layer control boards, aluminum plat, 36pcs MOSFETs, supports 840A peak current load 
  • Adjustable mid mounted suspension shock system, progressive spring, better sealing and with air release valve
  • Accelerate assist (0-100% adjustable assist ease of accelerating or braking)
  • Warning Taillight with multimodes dual colour and high brightness
  • Smart BMS that reports health of individual battery cells, such as cell voltage variance/drift, with half-a-dozen independent temperature probes across several cells & components on the BMS.
  • No Hall Sensor Emergency mode – can continue to ride even if hall sensor fails
  • Smart Field Weakening: Increase speed safety margin through software algorithm

Leaperkim Sherman-L Specifications

Motor Power: 3200 W
Peak Power: 8000 W
Battery Capacity: 4000 Wh
Weight: 46.5 kg
Max Load Weight: 120kg
Charging Time: 6 hrs (single 5A), 3 hrs (10A)
Charger Output: DC 151.2V* 5Amp
Tyre: High grip anti-skid tyres 2.75-14 (~20″ outer diameter)
MOSFETs: 200V TO-263 MOS
Headlight: 20W 2500lm lens double bead
Display: LCD Panel displays speed, battery voltage, mileage, mode switching, calibration, battery status, etc.

Multimode Tail light

Adjustable Angle Pedals

Magnesium alloy 20W 2500lm lens double bead headlight

Magnesium Alloy Trolley handle

Progressive Spring Shocks with better Sealing

Adjustable Accelerate Assist

Magnesium alloy motor rim

Oil seal waterproof

Rated Power 3200W

Peak Power 8000W

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Why Buy the Leaperkim Sherman-L from E-RIDERZ in Australia?

  • AUTHORISED – We are an official Distributor in Australia.  E-RIDERZ sources the Leaperkim Sherman-L units and genuine spare parts directly from LeaperKim (Veteran), and have direct contact with LeaperKim for support and troubleshooting.
  • EXPERIENCE– E-RIDERZ supplies the largest range of electric unicycles and parts in Australia.  We know our electric unicycles and can give you tailored advice to make sure you get the right EUC for your needs!
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