Here at E-RIDERZ, we are committed to enabling riders to get started with electric unicycles (EUCs) to enjoy the many benefits and joy that EUC riding offers its riders.

To lower the cost barrier for new riders to get started, we are offering a select range of entry and beginner friendly wheels at a reduced price (these won't be available for any further reductions by coupon codes).

The following three models from King Song offer riders affordable, reliable and portable mobility.

Kingsong 14M offer

King Song 14M

The KS-14M is an entry level 14inch wheel with 800W motor and 210Wh battery.  Great for riders below 85kg and for travelling up to 20km in range.

Price: $849 $749

KingSong KS14D offer

King Song 14D

The KS-14D offers the same form factor as the 14M, but comes with a bigger battery (420Wh) and a bluetooth music.  Will offer riders up to 40km in range depending on riding factors (weight, hills, wind, etc)

Price: $1299 $999

KingSong 16S offer

King Song 16S

The KS-16S is a 16inch diameter wheel with a stronger 1200W motor and larger 840Wh battery. Like it's smaller sister wheel (KS-14D), it has a useful trolley handle and bluetooth speakers for listening to music. The stronger 1200W motor handles heavier riders (100kg or less) and the 840Wh battery provides great range up to 60km.

Price: $1999 $1699