Xiaomi Ninebot S

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The Xiaomi Ninebot S (previously known as Ninebot Mini) is a lightweight, self balancing transporter equipped with anti skid vacuum tires that ensure a smooth ride for all ages. Hours of practice are not necessary to ride like a pro on the Ninebot S. Learn how to ride in minutes with precision sensors and an intuitive knee control bar. The Xiaomi Ninebot S compact frame is easy to control and the detachable knee control bar makes it easy to stow away in tight spaces.

  • Easy to Ride
  • Road adaptive
  • Free mobile app
  • 22 km Range | 16 kmh
  • 10.5″ Air filled tires

Ninebot S Smart Self Balancing Transporter

Ninebot Mini - White and Black

Ninebot S

For the young and adventurous.

Extremely portable, easy to master, exciting to ride.

Easy to Master

It’s never been faster and easier to master a new skill with the Ninebot S. With our innovative user friendly design, stepping on the Ninebot S is just like stepping on any other platform. Comfortable and convenient you can spend more time enjoying the ride and adventure.

Convenient Portability

The Ninebot S is lightweight and small in size. Weighing only 12.8kg the Ninebot S is designed for quick movability and portability.

Roughs Terrains, Tougher Transporter

The Ninebot S takes no days off, cloudy days included. Built with durability, the Ninebot S is no stranger to diverse road conditions and minor obstacles. The Ninebot S will self adjust its power to the user’s environment to provide a smoother ride every time. The Ninebot S footpad is designed with shock absorption and has a ground clearance of 3 inches. Ninebot S also has an IP54 rating designed for transport in light rain.

Ninbot Mini featured terrain icons

Ambient-Light Safety

The customizable LED tail lights ensures high rear visibility day or night, rain or shine.

Ninebot Mini Driving Lamp

Driving Lamp

Turning Light

Ninebot Mini Tail Lamp

Tail Lamp

Braking Lamp

Road-Adaptive Design

10.5” air-filled pneumatic tires providing smoother rides and 1600 watts of engine power, enables the Ninebot Mini to overcome slopes, debris, and other everyday obstacles you might encounter.
Ninebot Mini App

Mobile App

Learn and understand how to safely ride the Ninebot S, customise rear LED lights, read vehicle diagnostics, adjust the steering sensitivity, adjust speed controls, firmware updates, and more!

High Capacity Battery Pack

The Ninebot Mini is equipped with high performance Lithium Ion battery pack and advanced intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS will inform the user of the battery pack performance and to ensure rider safety.

Ninebot Mini Double the Power

Double the Power

The Ninebot S dual engine each provides 800W output power rate, and instantaneous power up to 1600W. Quiet and powerful, the Ninebot S can ride to 20 km of range* on a fully charged battery and top speed of 16 kmph
*depending on rider’s weight and riding habits

Aviation Grade Magnesium Alloy Base

Ninebot Mini is constructed from super light magnesium alloy, which can support max user weight up to ~80kg and also ensures safer riding in all kinds of rough environments.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Speed Assist

16 km/hr

Max Range

22 km

Max Climb Angle



12.8 kg



Max Load Weight

~ 85 kg

Recommended Age

16 – 50 years old

Required Height

130 – 200 cm

Battery Capacity

236 Wh

Charging Time

4 hours


350 W x 2

Wheel Size

10.5 inch/ 26.6 cm

Wheel Material

Pneumatic tires

Brake Light

LED Rear Light

Extra Lights

Front and rear LED lights with Signal indicating lights


Black, White

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