Segway Ninebot S PLUS

$1,299.00 $1,199.00 Inc GST

The Segway S PLUS (previously called miniPLUS)  is the most exclusive model within the mini-series, for all the gadget lovers who like to stand out and demand the best quality in style.

  • Speed up to 20 km/h
  • Large 11 inch tires for a safe and comfortable ride, also on bumpy roads
  • The IPX7 enables you to ride even in the most heavy weather conditions
  • With the remote control you can have the miniPLUS following you or control it from a distance
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth remote control , vehicle information, locking your vehicle, firmware upgrades and social connection options via the Ninebot by Segway app
The miniPLUS can speed up to 20 km/h and is structurally re-engineered for better safety. It is equipped with the highest battery protection (IPX7) from the mini serie, which allows for usage under various weather conditions. The Follow Mode is convenient for bringing the miniPLUS with you when not riding. The vehicle has an easily accessible storage compartment which is the perfect fit for the Remote Control.

Segway MiniPLUS | Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

Segway MiniPLUS features

Aviation Grade Magnesium Alloy Base

Segway MiniPLUS is constructed from super light magnesium alloy, which can support max user weight up to 100kgs and also ensures safer riding in all kinds of rough environments.

11 Inch Non Slip Tire

The 11-Inch non slip tires are designed with water drainage grooves to make it much safer on wet ground. The tires are inflatable and shockproof.

Mobility Crossing all Terrains Including Uneven Roads

Smooth Riding and Agility Across Deceleration Strips

Multi-Functional Remote Control

The key to most advanced technologies.
Segway MiniPLUS Multifunctional Remote Control with Intelligent Chip

Multifunctional Remote Control with Intelligent Chip

Aside from the user being able to control the Segway MiniPLUS with the handle, the user can also use the multifunctional remote control.

Stuff-Carrying Mode, Auto Keep Dynamic Balance

With gravity self-adapt function, the Segway MiniPLUS can cope with the load variation and automatically keep the balancing in stuff-loading mode.

Remote Control

Make the Segway MiniPLUS follow you independently.

Segway MiniPLUS Follow Mode

Follow Mode

When you’re not riding and need to have your hands free just take your remote control, turn on the Follow Mode and have your Segway MiniPLUS follow you along the way.

Stable and Fast Speed Riding

The Segway MiniPLUS runs fast and stable due to its powerful dual motor. It has a max speed of 16 kmph and a max cruising distance up to 35 kms after a single full charge. Ride your Segway MiniPLUS to enjoy the beautiful scenery along with a cool breeze.

Intelligent Battery Management System

Triple Protections: Overcharge, Overvoltage, and Temperature Protection.

This intelligent system can remind you the battery pack conditions via your cellphone to make sure safer riding.

Segway MiniPLUS 800W Rated Power Motor

800W Rated Power Motor

The Segway MiniPLUS powerful motor allows it to quickly accelerate and climb smoothly.

Segway MiniPLUS Long Standby

Long Standby

42 Pieces 18650 Li-ion Batteries 329Wh Li-ion battery supplies 1500W output energy, which provides the Segway MiniPLUS a maximum range of 22 miles and IP54 high-level water resistance.

Instant Personal Photographer

Compatible with a Xiaomi Camera *camera not included in the package

Storage Compartment

Keeps your valuables safe, such as camera and other accessories.

Segway MiniPLUS - Capture Every Moment with Three Axis Gimbal Shock Proof Camera

Capture Every Moment with Three Axis Gimbal Shock Proof Camera

Intelligent chip can spontaneously calculate Segway MiniPLUS vehicle positioning and user location. Can autonomously follow the user while recording video.

Smart Safe Lighting System

Segway MiniPLUS has a smart lighting system which can provide maximum safety for you at night.

Segway MiniPLUS lighting
Segway MiniPLUS lamp colors
Vehicle Parameters
Max Speed Assist

20 km/hr

Max Range

35 km

Max Climb Angle



16.3 kg

Operation Temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to 45°C


IP54, IPX6

Max Load Weight

100 kg

Recommended Age

16 +

Battery Capacity

329 Wh

Charging Time

4 hours


400 W x 2

Controller Type

Phone App Monitor

Wheel Size

11 inch / 27.9 cm

Wheel Material

Pneumatic tires