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Segway Drift W1

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The Segway Drift W1 self-balancing e-Skates are stylish, cool and fun to master. With a total weight of 7kg, you can carry the Segway Drift W1 e-skates around easily. Just step on, it balances for you! The only thing that you need to do is to steer and lean with your weight. The Segway Drift W1 is your new stylish way to move around and have fun!

  • Two separate e-Skates offer countless possibilities on ways to use it
  • The rubber bumpers at the front and rear protects during impact
  • Ambient lights with three flashing modes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

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Segway Drift W1 | Electric Roller Skates | Electric Hover Skates

Segway Drift W1 video background

Easy to Learn

Compared to other traditional self-balancing products, Segway Drift W1 is very easy to pick up and learn. Utilizing Segway’s next generation self-balancing technology, just step on and get going effortlessly in minutes.

Segway Drift W1 how to ride

High-Power Hub Motor, Unique Tread Design

The Segway Drift W1 high-power hub motor is very powerful and adopts the spindle-shaped tread design to achieve small resistance and more flexible steering.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Segway Drift W1 has elastic bands at the bottom to allow you to easily carry on pair in one hand.

Stylish RGB Lighting

Stylish RGB light displays! The light sparkles and reflects off the ground while in operation. The standard display is blue, but can be adjusted among 3 modes by long pressing the power button for three second.

Safer then Roller Skates

Segway Drift W1 has low ground clearance while not obstructing the rider’s feet movement versus traditional roller skates, so even if the rider loses balance, he/she will not likely fall down as a result. These design aspects greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries to the rider.

Lithium Battery Design with Advanced Safety Features

With the use of magnesium alloy design, when it accidentally submerges into a water puddle over 11.8 inches (0.3 meters) deep, the built-in lithium battery will automatically and safely deactivate from operation. The UL certification contains dual protection and intelligent battery protection system by allowing it to be able to monitor the battery health status in real time while automatically distribute the power level when the battery is low.

Segway Drift W1 Sturdy Product Design with Lightweight Material

Sturdy Product Design with Lightweight Material

With one piece magnesium alloy skeleton body, each Segway Drift W1 weighs just under 4kg making them easy to carry and transport, wherever you may want to ride.

Segway Drift W1 Compact but Sophisticated

Compact but Sophisticated

18 years of Research and Development to develop the Segway Drift W1 into such a light and portable product on the market. Each individual component is expertly crafted.

Segway Drift W1 10mm Anti-Collision Silicone

10mm Anti-Collision Silicone

The silicone bumpers at the front and rear protect your product.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Speed Assist

12 km/hr

Max Range

45 minute ride time

Max Climb Angle


Unit Dimensions

29 x 16 x 12 cm (single unit)


3.5 kg each

Operation Temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to 50°C


Mainframe IP54 / Battery pack IPX6

Max Load Weight

100 kg

Recommended Age

6 Years +

Battery Capacity

44.4 Wh

Charging Time

3 hours


37.5 W

Extra Lights

Ambience lights with three flashing modes