KingSong S18 Electric Unicycle

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The new KingSong KS-S18 Electric Unicycle is the latest and completely redesigned 18inch wheel in the KingSong range.  With sports bike styling, aggressive curvature, and air suspension system, it looks to be a stylish and comfortable wheel with a unique design. The KS-S18 is sure to impress.

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KingSong KS-S18 Features:

  • 2200W nominal motor power
  • Top speed 50km/hr
  • Range up to 100km
  • Adjustable air suspension system
  • Automatic high/beam low beam (twice as bright as KS16X)
  • Retractable ergonomic handle for lifting and pushing the unit
  • Rear braking and turning signals
  • More features to come…

KingSong KS-S18 Electric Unicycle Australia

The new KingSong S18 Electric Unicycle is available to pre-order in Australia at E-RIDERZ.  We are one of the two authorised (official) distributors in Australia for the KingSong range.  

The KS-S18 is the first electric unicycle from King Song that comes with built-in suspension that’s adjustable.  It offers unique sports bike inspired styling that has a futuristic high-exposure design.  The large pedals and tyre will offer you a comfortable and smooth ride.

Packed with all the latest features you need, the King Song S18 electric unicycle includes a built-in retractable trolley handle, front and rear lights including rear turning signals, and Bluetooth for data connectivity. This is an amazing wheel for an enthusiast that will take you anywhere, on or off road.

KingSong S18 features
Vehicle Parameters
Max Range

100 km

Max Climb Angle


Max Load Weight

120 kg

Battery Capacity

1110Wh / 84V

Battery Type

LG 21700 cells

Charging Time

6 hrs

Motor Power

2200 W

Max Power

5000 W

Wheel Size

18 inch

Tyre Size

18 inch | 3 inch wide


Black rubber, White