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King Song 16X Electric Unicycle

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The King Song KS-16X Electric Unicycle is the redesigned 16 inch wheel with larger battery 1554Wh and motor power 2200W. Now also available in a KS16XS model with smaller 2000W motor and 777Wh battery.

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KS 16X EUC Bodyguards black front angle
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KingSong 16X Electric Unicycle Australia

The KingSong 16X electric unicycle is the new 16 inch wheel by KingSong.  The KingSong 16X has been redesigned to boost performance, offering a larger battery of 1554Wh, a more powerful 2200W motor (max output 4200W), higher pedals and a thicker 3 inch tire.  These changes will offer improvements in riding comfort both off-road and at higher speeds onroad.

The 16X has upgraded control boards with 4 layers, TO-247 MOSFETS to provide high performance to the new 2200W motor. It also utilises a turbo fan that self-adjusts it’s speed according to the demand and temperature of the MOSFETS.

The KingSong 16X comes with 4x 5W stereo speakers plus a 20W bass speaker to improve the quality of music that can be played via bluetooth connection.

Two separate charging ports along with two USB ports are also included to improve charging of the 16X and also for plugging in mobile devices for recharging.

KingSong 16X with rider

KS-16X Features

  • 16 x 3 inch tyre
  • Dual Charge Ports
  • Dual USB ports for devices
  • Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • Retractable trolley handle
  • Rear fender with reflective strip
  • Wide 9.5 inch pedals with grip tape
  • Responsive rear brake/indicator lights
  • Customisable LED ambience lights
  • High ground clearance pedals
  • Long range on single charge

KingSong 16X Specifications

  • Max Range: ~100km
  • Battery: 1554Wh 84V
  • Motor Power: 2200W
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Max Speed Assist: 50km/h
  • Climbing Angle: ~35 degrees
  • Tyre: 16 x 3 inch
  • Pedal Height: 180mm
  • Weight: 23.5kg
  • Charger: DC 84V * 1.5 Amp (dual charging available)
King Song | Australia

Why Buy the KingSong 16X from E-RIDERZ?

  • AUTHORISED – We are an official KingSong Distributor in Australia (not just a reseller).  E-RIDERZ sources the KS-16X units and genuine spare parts directly from KingSong, and have direct contact with KingSong for support and troubleshooting.
  • EXPERIENCE– E-RIDERZ supplies the largest range of electric unicycles and parts in Australia.  We know our electric unicycles and can give you tailored advice to make sure you get the right EUC for your needs!
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KS16X Rear Fender

The new rear fender on the KS-16X will keep water from flicking up as you travel through puddles.

KS16X Extendable Handle

The KingSong KS16X comes with an upgraded magnesium alloy telescopic handle.

Wide 9.5 Inch pedals

The KS16X comes with comfortable wide pedals.

KS16X Rear Lights

The KS16X features both rear brake light, as well as turning indicator lights.

KingSong 16X - rear view
Vehicle Parameters
Max Range

100 – 120 km

Max Climb Angle



23.5 kg

Max Load Weight

150 kg

Battery Capacity

1554 Wh

Motor Power

2200 W

Max Power

4000 W

Tyre Size

3 inch wide, 16 inch

Extra Lights

Customisable colour atmospheric LED lights


KS-16X (2200W 1554Wh), KS-16XS (2000W 777Wh)

Weight 27.8 kg
Dimensions 56 × 31 × 73 cm