InMotion V10 / V10F Electric Unicycle

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The InMotion V10 and V10F are the most advanced electric unicycles available in the InMotion range.  These state-of-the-art electric unicycles have been engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form factor. The InMotion V10/V10F offers industry-leading power, dramatic increase in top speed and range, and the peace of mind that comes with InMotion’s attention to quality control and safety in a 16inch wheel. The V10 is an easy choice if you want the best unicycle wheel available today.

  • 1800W (V10) or 2000W (V10F) motor
  • Range up to 70km (V10) or 90-100km (V10F)
  • Front, rear, and side LED (fully customisable in app)
  • High mounted pedals for tight maneuvering
  • Narrow profile for ease of mounting/dismounting
  • Fold up handle and anti-spin button for convenience


InMotion V10 / V10F
Electric Unicycle

Wider 2.5" Tyre

Better grip, takle any terrain with the InMotion V10 / V10F.

Premium Speaker

Listen to your music when you ride your InMotion V10 / V10F electric unicycle.

Responsive Brake Light

The InMotion V10 series offers a vehicle-like brake light that engages when you slow down.

Inmotion V10 large pedals for comfort

Large Pedals

240 mm long pedals fitted with high-grip rubber for better comfort and control. This results in less foot strain when riding the InMotion V10 electric unicycle.

Inmotion V10 pads and ergonomics


The V10 /V10F electric unicycles offers a tall & slim design with leg support. Very stylish and comfortable to ride.

V10 Anti-Spin Button

Anti-Spin Button

InMotion’s original motor kill-switch prevents unwanted spin out when lifting off ground.

Fold Up Handle

No need to carry your V10/V10F electric unicycle – roll it next to you easily like luggage.

V10 V10F Bright Headlight

Bright Headlight

The V10/V10F has 3 times brighter headlight compared to previous InMotion electric unicycle models.

Side LED Lights

Fully programmable RGB LED lights for personality and visibility. Customisable in APP. Personalise your V10/V10F electric unicycle.

V10 V10F High Speed Dual Core CPU

V10 High Speed Dual Core CPU

The InMotion V10 / V10F has extra brain power for rapid system response in critical situations.

Active Cooling System for V10 V10F

Active Cooling System

Quality MOSFETs + robust cooling system means critical components are always there to back you up.

Vehicle Parameters


Max Range

70 km (V10) | 90-100 km (V10F)

Max Climb Angle


Unit Dimensions

53 *42 *62 cm


20.6 kg

Operation Temperature

-10°C to 40°C



Tire Size

16 inch

Max Load Weight

120 kg

Battery Capacity

650Wh (8.8Ah) V10, 960Wh (12.8Ah) V10F

Charging Time

6 hrs (V10) | 8 hrs (V10F)


1800 W (V10) | 2000 W (V10F)