InMotion V10 / V10F Electric Unicycle

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The InMotion V10 and InMotion V10F are the most advanced electric 16inch unicycles available in the InMotion range.  These electric unicycles have been engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form factor. The V10 Series offers industry-leading power, dramatic increase in top speed and range, and the peace of mind that comes with InMotion’s attention to quality control and safety in a 16inch wheel. The V10 is an easy choice if you want the best unicycle wheel available today.

New Stock of V10F arriving to E-RIDERZ 2nd week of July.

Inmotion V10F Features:

  • 2000W (V10F) motor
  • Real world range up to 60km (V10F)
  • Front, rear, and side LED (fully customisable in app)
  • High mounted pedals for tight maneuvering
  • 2.5 inch wide tyre for better grip and offroad riding
  • Narrow profile for ease of mounting/dismounting
  • Fold up handle and anti-spin button for convenience

Get a free InMotion V10/V10F Protective cover supplied with every new V10 series ordered!

InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle | Australia

The InMotion V10 / InMotion V10F Electric Unicycles are stocked locally in Australia at E-RIDERZ. Contact us with any enquiries you have about the V10/V10F units or spare parts.

InMotion V10 Electric Unicycle hero image

Wider 2.5" Tyre

The wider 2.5 inch tyre on the InMotion V10/V10F electric unicycle gives it better grip to better tackle any type of terrain. 

Premium Speaker

Enjoy listening to your music through the bluetooth speaker when you ride your V10 / V10F electric unicycle.

Responsive Brake Light

The InMotion V10 series offers a vehicle-like brake light that engages when you slow down.

Inmotion V10 large pedals for comfort

Large Pedals

240 mm long pedals fitted with high-grip rubber for better comfort and control. This results in less foot strain when riding the InMotion V10 electric unicycle.

Inmotion V10 pads and ergonomics


The V10/V10F offers a tall & slim design with leg support. Very stylish and comfortable to ride.

V10 Anti-Spin Button

Anti-Spin Button

InMotion’s original motor kill-switch prevents unwanted spin out when lifting off ground.

Fold Up Handle

No need to carry your InMotion V10/V10F electric unicycle – roll it next to you easily like luggage.

V10 V10F Bright Headlight

Bright Headlight

The V10/V10F has 3 times brighter headlight compared to previous InMotion electric unicycle models.

Side LED Lights

Fully programmable RGB LED lights for personality and visibility. Customisable in APP. Personalise your V10/V10F electric unicycle.

V10 V10F High Speed Dual Core CPU

V10 High Speed Dual Core CPU

The InMotion V10 / InMotion V10F has extra brain power for rapid system response in critical situations.

Active Cooling System for V10 V10F

Active Cooling System

Quality MOSFETs + robust cooling system means critical components are always there to back you up.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Range

70 km (V10) | 90-100 km (V10F)

Max Climb Angle


Unit Dimensions

53 *42 *62 cm


20.6 kg

Operation Temperature

-10°C to 40°C



Max Load Weight

120 kg

Battery Capacity

650Wh (8.8Ah) V10, 960Wh (12.8Ah) V10F

Charging Time

6 hrs (V10) | 8 hrs (V10F)


1800 W (V10) | 2000 W (V10F)

Tyre Size

16 inch




InMotion V10 / V10F Advantages:

Aesthetics: The InMotion V10 series is an elegant and sophisticated looking electric unicycle. It is similar in visual design to the V8, but has larger pedals and side pads for more comfortable riding. The V10/V10F also utilises side LEDs for a variety of customisable light patterns to create visual appeal.

Performance: The V10 Series offers a larger motor 1800W (V10) / 2000W (V10F) compared to the V8 model, with a larger battery 680Wh (V10) / 960Wh (V10F) for longer range.  The wider 2.5 inch tyre also offers more stability on a range of different types of terrain while still allowing for good turning/carving.

Additional Features: Underhandle cut out switch, bright headlight, protective cover offered, quality bluetooth speakers for music/voice, water resistant design.


InMotion V10 / V10F Disadvantages:

Speed throttling: The Inmotion V10 series throttles speed down earlier then on some other models of electric unicycle, which limits the max cruising speed time. This is a safety measure to avoid cutouts from not being able to draw on enough power from the battery when traveling at top speed, but it is a fairly conservative one compared to what other manufacturers (such as KingSong and Gotway) implement. Going for a V10F with larger battery capacity will result in a longer riding time at max speed compared to the smaller capacity V10 model.

Controller overheating on hills: On sustained riding up hills, the InMotion V10 series can suffer from the controller from overheating, causing the pedals to tilt back and have the rider dismount to avoid damage from overheating the components.  This potential for overheating typically happens sooner on the InMotion V10 series then it does on some other high performance models. If you live in an area with larger hills, you will need to travel slower to avoid overheat or consider a different wheel for you riding (especially if you are a heavier rider).

Wrap Up:

We think the InMotion V10 and V10F offers a great combination of performance and style for the casual electric unicycle rider looking to ride for fun on the weekend or for commuting during the week.

Its wider tyre design and high clearance pedals make it suitable for riding in offroad conditions across dirt, grass and other somewhat uneven terrain. The 650Wh (V10) or 960Wh (V10F) battery capacity options are typically sufficient for commuting purposes, however consider if the real world range (~30-40km for V10 and ~50-60km for V10F) covers your requirements or if not consider upgrading to higher capacity model (such as 1300-1600Wh).

Compared to the InMotion V8, the V10/V10F is heavier to lift up and not quite as maneuverable. But with the handle to push it around when not riding, it is still portable enough for commuting. The larger pedals and wider tyre means higher stability and a more comfortable ride compared to the V8. 

What is the difference between the InMotion V10 and the InMotion V10F electric unicycle?

Answer: The InMotion V10F has a larger 960Wh capacity battery, which means it has more range and greater performance compared to the InMotion V10.

Do you stock InMotion V10F electric unicycle spare parts and accessories ?

Answer: Yes, E-RIDERZ stocks a range of InMotion spare parts for the InMotion V10/V10F electric unicycle. Contact us to enquire.

Is the InMotion V10/V10F water proof?

Answer: The InMotion V10 and InMotion V10F has IP55 rating. This means that "product is protected against dust ingress that could be harmful for the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust tight. It is protected against solid objects and water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any directions". Basically it means that it is water resistant in the instance of splashes of water/rain, but it cannot have too much water directed at it or have it submerged in water.