InMotion Hovershoes X1

$550.00 $390.00 Inc GST

The InMotion Hovershoes X1 are the original and the best self-balancing skates; using only high quality components. InMotion’s latest invention takes the concept of a hoverboard and splits it into two independent machines: one for each foot! It’s a totally new experience that feels more like rollerskating with the freedom to zip around at will.

Hovershoes X1 are easier to learn and safer than hoverboards. And a lot more fun!

InMotion Hovershoes X1 | Electric Hover Skates

InMotion Hovershoes X1 background
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0 W *2
Motor Power
~ 0 km/h
Max Speeed
0 km
0 kg * 2
New Weight

INMOTION X1 Takes the Concept of a Hoverboard, and Splits It into Two Independent Machines,One for Each Foot!

Smart Lamps on Hovershoes, For Decoration, Also Show the Conditions of X1,
Much More Interesting than Roller Skates.

Only 3.3kg per Unit, Portable Belts Design,
Free to Take X1 to Anywhere.

Hovershoes X1 protection features

InMotion Hovershoes X1 offers:

  • Anti-spin Function
  • Original Battery
  • Full-metal Body

InMotion Hovershoes X1 High Torque Hub Motor
inside, Could Reach a Max Slope of 9°

Vehicle Parameters
Max Speed Assist

12 km/hr

Max Range

10 km

Max Climb Angle


3.3 kg * 2

Operation Temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Max Load Weight

80 kg

Battery Capacity

48 Wh * 2

Charging Time

1.5 hrs

Motor Power

250 W * 2

Tyre Size

3.5 inch diameter