Gotway Mten3 Electric Unicycle

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The Gotway Mten3 is a 10 inch electric unicycle boasting an 800W motor and 512Wh battery.  The Mten3 has been labeled the pocket rocket of electric unicycles, given its high power to weight ratio, offers speed and acceleration and lots of torque in the 1 – 15kmph speed range.

Weighing 10kg, the Gotway Mten3 is both compact and convenient for storing away in the boot of your car or in a locker or similar.

The current Gotway Mten3 model we offer has a motor cutout switch to press when picking up the unit.

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Gotway Mten3 Electric Unicycle Australia

The Gotway Mten3 is such a compact and powerful little electric unicycle.  It can fit in a good size backpack! Great battery capacity of 512Wh and a powerful 800W motor with plenty of torque for acceleration and tackling hills. This little unit is so much fun and can be taken nearly everywhere with you.

All our stock of the Gotway Mten3 is from 2020, with the antispin button.

Contact E-RIDERZ to check current availability.

Max Load Weight

120 kg

Battery Capacity

512Wh / 84V

Wheel Size

10 inch