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Gotway MSuper Pro (MSP) Electric Unicycle

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The Gotway MSuper Pro (Gotway MSP) is a high performance electric unicycle sporting a 2500W (high torque) or 2000W (high speed) motor and 1800Wh battery capacity for max cruising speeds upwards of ~60kmph and a massive 130km range. This is an upgraded model of the popular MSX ewheel for long rides, high cruising speed and offroad trail riding.

EUC Bodyguard for MSX-MSP Front view
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Power pads for EUC single Style Type B
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Chicway Honeycomb offroad pedals for electric unicycle
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Gotway MSuper Pro (MSP) Electric Unicycle Australia

The Gotway MSuper Pro 100V 1800Wh electric unicycle offers upgraded acceleration and speed compared to the previous MSuper X model.  The MSuper Pro offers more torque, higher potential max speeds of ~60kmph and longer riding range of 80-130km.

The 19 inch Gotway MSP has a 3 inch wide tyre, and at a total weight of ~25kg, the Gotway MSuper Pro provides a stable ride at higher speeds as is comfortable for riding on offroad terrain. The MSuperPro utilises 21700 lithium ion batteries, which are upgraded in capacity and have lower internal resistance

Several safety measures are installed into Gotway’s unicycles to help prevent any accidents such as alarms when a certain speed is hit and a tiltback function to slow you down when you go over a set speed. Both of these features can easily be changed in the app, you can turn the tiltback off or set it to a more convenient speed. The MSuper Pro also has 3 different riding comfort modes; Soft, Medium and Strong.

The Gotway App displays a variety of useful info on it’s homepage when connected to the unicycle including current speed, battery level remaining, temperature and more.

As with most high performance electric unicycles, the Gotway MSuper Pro has a retractable trolley handle to help make transporting the device easier. The handle is positioned towards the rear end of the unicycle, so it is a little more difficult to steer and balance the MSP while pushing it compared to some other models where the trolley is positioned more centrally.

Gotway MSP Features

  • 2500W motor (High Torque) or 2000W (High Speed) model
  • Long range, high speed
  • New Lift up switch and BT Speakers
  • LED lights
  • New strong double T6 headlights
  • Integrated telescopic handle
  • High pedal clearance
  • Stable ride on 19inch ewheel
  • USB charging port for devices

Gotway MSuper Pro Specifications

  • Model: GW MSP
  • Max Range: ~100km
  • Battery Capacity: 1800Wh 100V
  • Motor Power: 2000W (High Speed); 2500W (High Torque)
  • Max Payload: 100kg
  • Max Speed Assist: ~60km/h
  • Climbing Angle: ~30 degrees
  • Tyre: 19 x 3 inch
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Charger: DC 100V * 3 Amp
  • Pedal Height: 165mm
Gotway Electric Unicycles Australia

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Max Load Weight

120 kg

Battery Capacity

1800Wh / 100V

Battery Type

LG 21700 cells

Motor Power

2500 W

Wheel Size

19 inch


Black/Carbon Fibre



High Torque 2500W, High Speed 2000W