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Gotway Monster Electric Unicycle

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The Gotway Monster is currently the largest and most powerful electric unicycle available from the Gotway range.  With a monster wheel (22 inch) paired with a high capacity battery, you can go anywhere you want to.  The upgraded 2500W motor has more then enough power to sustain high speeds and also get you up hills.
Depending on your style of riding (speed/terrain/slopes), you can achieve upwards of 100 range before needing to recharge.
The Gotway Monster V3 2020 version is available from E-RIDERZ in the 100V variant.
Gotway Monster V3 100V Features:
  • Upgraded 2500W  motor
  • New Dual headlights
  • Range of 100km
  • Monster 22 inch tire
  • 50-55 kmph cruising speed
  • Add on seat available
Vehicle Parameters

29 kg

Battery Capacity

1845Wh / 100V, 2400Wh / 84V

Motor Power

2500 W

Wheel Size

22 inch