Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle

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The Gotway MCM5 electric unicycle is equipped with a 1500W sustained motor and 840Wh battery.  The Gotway MCM5 is a 14 inch ewheel making it nimble and compact, but unlike others of its size, this model has double the motor output with massive amounts of torque for hill climbing and higher speed cruising. The added telescopic handle and antispin button for when lifting the wheel make it practical for traveling and commuting.

  • 1500W nominal motor power
  • Range up to ~50km with 840Wh battery
  • Sustained output and torque for easy hill climbing
  • Two LED strips positioned at the top of the Wheel that are customisable to one of six color themes.
  • Retractable handle and anti-spinning button for convenience
  • USB ports for charging mobile devices

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Gotway MCM5 84V 840Wh Electric Unicycle | 2019 Model Australia

The Gotway MCM5 electric unicycle has a smaller 14 inch wheel, and comes available with a 840Wh battery for great range.  Sporting a 1500W motor fitted to a smaller diameter ewheel, the MCM5 is powerful while at the same time nimble and maneuverable.

With a total weight of ~17kg, a small factor body and powerful motor, the Gotway MCM5 is great for getting around urban city areas.  It also features a retractable handle with is convenient for wheeling the MCM5 around when you are not riding.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Range

35 – 40 km

Max Climb Angle



16.9 kg

Max Load Weight

100 kg

Battery Capacity

650Wh / 84V, 800Wh / 84V


1500 W

Wheel Size

14 inch


Black/Carbon Fibre