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Exway X1 Pro Riot Electric Skateboard

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The Exway X1 Pro Riot Electric Skateboard is the latest evolution of Exway eboards, featuring a high performance dual belt driven motor power system for increased torque and compatibility with the most popular skateboard wheels available today.

Also available is the X1 Pro Riot Power System, which is a swappable power system to switch your X1 Pro hub motor system to the Riot dual belt driven motor system.

Dual 1500W brushless outer rotor motors
Top Speed of 46 KPH – Turbo Mode
Hill Grade of 30%
Range up to 25 KM
Swappable wheel adapters to fit popular skateboard wheels
Fast Charge Option 

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Exway X1 Pro Riot | Australia

The Exway X1 Pro Riot is a new variation of the X1 Pro, featuring dual customized 5255 brushless outer rotor motors. This elegant but powerful technology offers quiet, low drag, high efficiency, fast acceleration, powerful brake response and wide compatibility with various wheels from different manufacturers.

Since the X1 Pro Riot Power System is swappable/interchangeable with the X1 Pro hub power system, you can purchase the Riot Power System on its own as an upgrade kit to fit to existing hub driven X1 Pro eboards.

You will also enjoy all the other features to love from the X1 Pro, including increased battery size, new EBS regenerative braking system, increased wheel size, shock absorbing grip tape,  and more.   With the Riot dual motors, the weight comes in at ~7.5 kg, still making it one of the lightest and most slipstreamed electric boards out there.  


X1 Pro Riot - Swappable Power System

X1 Pro Riot Power System

Exway X1 Pro Riot Power System

Customized 5255 brushless outer rotor motors, higher power density;
Tile-shaped neodymium boron magnetic disc improved magnetic flux and reduced gear torque.
0.2mm silicon steel sheet can reduce current loss and heat generation and significantly reduce the occurrence of such problems.

SEISMIC Aeon Trucks

X1 Pro Riot Seismic trucks

Professional longboard SEISMIC Aeon 45° trucks, enables excellent turning performance and stability.

Exway Custom Plugs

X1 Pro Riot Custom plugs

Exway proprietary motor wire plug connection enables quick and easy replacement of power train assembly.

Protective Coverings

A protective cover made of high strength nylon protects the belt and motor of the X1 Pro Riot in all respects.  This greatly reduces the damage to the transmission system caused by impact.

Exway X1 Pro Riot Transmission System

The X1 Pro Riot utilises a 5M design to make the gear more durable, reduce teeth skipping, broken teeth etc.
The drive gear is made of alloy material, which is more durable and reduces premature wear and failure.
2.57 transmission ratio to further improve driving efficiency.

Exway X1 Pro Riot Customised Driven Wheel

X1 Pro Riot Customisable wheels

The X1 Pro Riot utilises swappable wheel adapters to enable wide compatibility with the most popular skateboard wheels available today.

Changing wheels has never been simpler; Wear-resistant fibre nylon improves wear resistance and performance;

Double bearing design, for improved efficiency and reliability.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Speed Assist

46 km/hr

Max Range

25 km

Max Climb Angle





Seismic Aeon 45 degree

Battery Capacity

193 Wh

Motor Type

5255 – 160kV

Motor Power

750W x 2

Max Power

1500W x 2

Wheel Size

85 mm


3mm Shock Absorbing


5.2Nm x 2

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