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Exway X1 Pro Electric Skateboard

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The Exway X1 Pro Electric Skateboard is an evolution of their earlier model the X1, offering higher speed, longer range, upgrade wheels and new regenerative braking system.

Dual Hub Motors
Top Speed of 45 KPH – Turbo Mode
Hill Grade of 30%
Range up to 25 KM
Fast Charge Option


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Exway X1 Pro | Australia

The Exway X1 Pro offers significant improvements, including increased battery size, upgraded hub motors, new EBS regenerative braking system, increased wheel size, shock absorbing grip tape,  and more.  Despite the increases in range and power, Exway were still able to keep the streamline shape and lightweight deck that their electric skateboards are well know for. Exway managed to keep the weight down to ~6.8kg, making it one of the lightest electric boards out there.  

Upgraded Hub Motors

The dual hub motors have been pushed even further on the X1 Pro. The fully enclosed drive sits on upgraded water resistant bearings.  The most water resistant board on the market just stepped it up again!

The motors have increased power output to 1200 watts per motor.  Now enjoy higher torque, 30% hill grade, and even greater power efficiency. With the push friendly, anti-drag motor design you can freely kick your X1 Pro just like you can your old-school longboard.

Turbo Power

X1 Pro turbo speed upgrade

The Exway X1 Pro was taken to the next level by adding Turbo mode to the FOC controller.  Not for the faint of heart, select Turbo mode in the app and enjoy blistering speeds of up to 45 km per hour. Hang on tight, because the Exway X1 Pro is a Speed Demon!

State of the art sensors are placed throughout the board, so your board is constantly thinking, reporting, and adjusting to your riding style.  You will always feel at home on the X1 Pro whether you are on your first electric skateboard, or you are a high speed shredder.

New PU Covers

Exway X1 Pro new rubber hub covers

The new 85mm stock X1 Pro wheels have an all new gel core giving you more control.  Our new urethane formula provides better rider feedback and better wear.  With bigger stock wheels you will notice immediate performance enhancement and elevated top speed.

Larger 85 mm Wheels

The X1 Pro now comes stock with larger 85mm wheels. Rigorous testing has proven this to be the optimal wheel size for stability when riding at speed. as well as greater longevity.

Water Resistant Bearings

X1 Pro Water resistant bearings

The Japanese HYF bearings are a welcome new addition to the Exway X1 Pro. You can now skip the speed cream and enjoy a more robust, reliable bearing that will last heaps longer than your standard skate bearings.

X1 Pro has Line-X Coating

The Exway X1 Pro is made as tough and clean as X1 with all Line-X coating to keep the belly of the deck resistant to road dirt and wear.

R1 Intelligent Remote Control

The refinished Exway X1 Pro remote now has a more ergonomic grip and better skin coating for that grip that won’t quit.  The Holzer type rolling throttle design allows for precise throttle control, and our traditional 4 speed modes keeps the X1 Pro ridable for people of all skill levels.  The R1 remote’s OLED display shows your real time speed and battery levels, and if your X1 Pro detects unusual conditions, your remote will let you know by vibrating and displaying the error on the display.

Seismic Trucks

Why mess with a good thing? Seismic trucks came standard on the X1. With its unique 90a prism design, the days of sacrificing stabilty for turning are a thing of the past.

Professional Concave Deck

X1 Pro concave deck design

After feedback from pro riders, the concave has been adjusted to a depth of 10mm for better “foot sense “and” locked in” feel.

This slightly adjustment in the amount of concave makes the X1 Pro fit like a glove!

Battery Safety

X1 Pro safe battery features

The Exway X1 PRO battery management system and charger is highly sophisticated and is designed in line with strict ANSI-UL2271 Safety standards.

The X1 Pro intelligently adjusts power output according to riding conditions. Automatic system startup checks, voltage output, temperature,and dis-charge warnings are communicated to the rider through the remote via vibration and OLED read outs.

When the voltage is too high or low, you will be alerted through the OLED remote screen to ensure safe riding.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Speed Assist

45 km/hr Turbo mode

Max Range

25 km

Max Climb Angle



6.85 kg



Battery Capacity

193 Wh

Charging Time

~ 2 hr 45 min (Standard charger)

Motor Power

600 W x 2

Max Power

1200W x 2

Regenerative Braking


Wheel Size

85 mm


Shock absorbing grip tape


4.6Nm x 2

Is the Exway X1 Pro electric skateboard waterproof?

Answer: The waterproof rating is IP55. We suggest that you do not ride in rain because it can cause rust in your bearings. If you do get your X1 Pro eboard wet, run the motors for a couple of minutes to dry the motors out.

Can the battery be replaced on the Exway X1 Pro?

Answer: The battery life on the X1 Pro is approximately 500 cycles. After 500 cycles, the battery will still typically have more then 70% power. If you need to replace the battery, contact E-RIDERZ and we will assist you.

Can the Exway X1 Pro be used as a normal skateboard when its out of power?

Answer: Yes! The X1 Pro is totally push-friendly and will ride like a traditional skateboard when not using the powered throttle.

What type of range can I expect from the Exway X1 Pro electric skateboard?

Answer: The range of the X1 Pro was determined to be ~25km with a ~70kg ride on level ground. Actual range can vary depending on rider weight, riding habits and surface conditions.

What is the maximum load the X1 Pro can handle?

Answer: The Exway electric skateboards have been tested to over 300lbs (~136kg).

Is it possible to change accessories on the X1 Pro?

Answer: Yes wheels, bearings and grip tape are easy to replace and there is also fast chargers available for order.

How should i store the Exway X1 Pro electric skateboard when not in use?

Answer: If the X1 Pro will not be used for a longer period of time, store the eboard charged and charge/discharge it at least once every three months.