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Exway X1 Electric Skateboard

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The Exway X1 eboard is being discontinued, being replaced with the new Exway Flex electric skateboard.

Exway X1 Electric Skateboard | Australia

The Exway X1 electric skateboard is the perfect balance of traditional long boarding and technology.  Weighing in at 6 kg, this dual-hub motor electric skateboard is one of the lightest and most powerful boards on the market.  With speeds of up to 40 km/hr, the ability to attack hills with more than 30% grade, and up to ~16 kms of range the Exway X1 blows doors on the competition. Shred your neighborhood in style on the sleekest board out there, the Exway X1!  

Exway X1 Electric Skateboard blow up showing battery

FOC Intelligent Core

The Exway custom sensored Field Oriented Control (FOC) ESC is the best ESC in the industry.  Starting in sensored mode and transitioning to sensorless mode allows for an incredibly smooth and progressive acceleration curve, while maintaining a ton of power on the top end. 

When you want to slow down, the regenerative electric brake is super reliable and helps to add back some charge to the battery.

Exway X1 Electric Skateboard Dual Power Direct Drive Motors

Direct Drive Brushless Motors

The Exway X1 features high performance, direct drive brushless motors that are high efficiency, fully sealed hub motors. They are water resistant, dust-proof, and virtually maintenance free.

With max power of 1,000 watts x 2, up to 30% hill climbing ability, and no belt drag, you’ve never felt an electric skateboard like this!

Exway X1 Electric Skateboard R1 Intelligent Remote

R1 Remote Control

The Exway R1 remote is the most comfortable and intuitive remote in the industry.  The contour and soft texture feels nice in your hand and the precision thumb wheel allows the rider to maximize control and provides the smoothest acceleration and deceleration.

See real time speedometer and battery levels on the OLED display, and receive vibrating feedback so you don’t need to look at it.  There are 4 speed modes for riders of all ability levels.

Exway X1 Electric Skateboard Seismic Trucks

Seismic Aeon 45º Trucks

The X1 Electric skateboard utilises Seismic trucks.  The Colorado based truck company has been developing top notch trucks since 1993.  These trucks are some of the best you will find on any electric skateboard.

Composite Deck Construction

The Exway X1 has a composite cutaway deck made with Canadian Maple, Bamboo, Fiberglass, and Carbon Fiber with a tapered layup designed for better handling at high speeds.

The deck profile has a 10mm radial concave depth and 24cm extra wide width to provide maximum control and stance freedom.

The deck is covered with a military grade coating making the Exway X1 the most scratch proof electric board on the market.

Vehicle Parameters
Max Range

16 km

Max Climb Angle





SEISMIC 45° lonboard custom trucks


90A triangular prism

Max Load Weight

200 kg

Recommended Age

12 years +

Battery Capacity

120 Wh

Charging Time

~ 2 hours

Motor Type

Direct Drive brushless motor


350 W x 2

Regenerative Braking


Speed Modes

4 speed modes

Controller Features

Real-time speed,battery & gear information display, Easy remote interface & vibration reminder can communicate with you.

Wheel Size

80 mm diameter | 56 mm width

Wheel Hardness


Wheel Material

High resistance polyurethane


10mm U Concave

Deck Length

93.5 cm

Deck Width

24 cm

Can the battery be replaced on the Exway X1?

Answer: The battery life on the X1 is approximately 500 cycles. After 500 cycles, the battery will still typically have more then 70% power. If you need to replace the battery, contact E-RIDERZ and we will assist you.

Is the Exway X1 electric skateboard waterproof?

Answer: The waterproof rating is IP55. We suggest that you do not ride in rain because it can cause rust in your bearings. If you do get your X1 electric skateboard wet, run the motors for a couple of minutes to dry the motors out.

Can the Exway X1 be used as a normal skateboard when its out of power?

Answer: Yes! The X1 is totally push-friendly and will ride like a traditional skateboard when not using the powered throttle.

What type of range can I expect from the Exway X1 electric skateboard?

Answer: The range of the X1 was determined to be ~15km with a ~70kg ride on level ground. Actual range can vary depending on rider weight, riding habits and surface conditions.

What is the maximum load the Exway X1 can handle?

Answer: The Exway electric skateboards have been tested to over 300lbs (~136kg).

Is it possible to change accessories on the X1?

Answer: Yes wheels, bearings and grip tape are easy to replace and there is also fast chargers available for order.

How should i store the Exway X1 electric skateboard when not in use?

Answer: If the Exway X1 eboard will not be used for a longer period of time, store the eboard charged and charge/discharge it at least once every three months.

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