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King Song | Australia

KingSong | Australia

E-RIDERZ is an authorised Australian distributor for the King Song electric unicycles and parts in Australia.  King Song has become an established global brand for electric unicycles through their innovation, quality of build and focus on safety.  If you are looking for a reliable electric unicycle in Australia, then check out the range of King Song unicycles available in Australia with E-RIDERZ.

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King Song Company Background:

Shenzhen King Song Intelligence Tech Co., Ltd is a hi-tech manufacturer specializing in King Song brand one wheel/ two wheel scooters. 

From the beginning, King Song aimed at leading the brand vendors and manufacturers of electric unicycles by way of superior quality and a philosophy of “product quality, diversity, superior after-sales service” to promote long-term development and success.

Prior to self balancing scooters business, King Song has been engaged in developing and producing power bank protection board. All of the control boards of King Song electric scooters are made by their own SMT factory, which is one of their advantages because they can guarantee the quality of the core components.

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