INOKIM | Australia

E-RIDERZ is an Australian reseller for the Inokim range of high performance electric scooters.  We can supply and have your Inokim scooter serviced in Australia.  Scroll down to review the current range of INOKIM electric scooters on offer here in Australia.

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Company Background:

Experience Urban Freedom

The Inokim electric scooters allow you to stay mobile and flexible in the urban city jungle.

Leave your car parked and use your scooter to get around. Save yourself the hassle of searching for parking! You can simply take your scooter with you on the metro ride or put it in the trunk of your car and drive the last mile to your office. Tired of going to the same lunch spot every day? Take your scooter for a quick lunchtime escape! Your Inokim scooter is a reliable partner and an ecofriendly solution for urban freedom!

Featured Inokim scooters for Urban Riding