exway | Australia

Exway | Australia

E-RIDERZ is an authorised Australian reseller for the Exway brand of smart electric skateboards.  We also offer Exway accessories and spare parts for maintenance.  Scroll down to review the Exway eboard models we have available for supply in Australia.

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Company Background:

Exway brand is developed by Shenzhen Sunto Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China.  Sunto Technology Co Ltd is dedicated to developing and manufacturing vehicles (mainly personalized smart ones) for short trips for users.  Its high-end EXWAY series of electric skateboards are the perfect combination of modern technology and traditional craft.  The company adheres to a culture of “Born for Freedom” concept, but they also strive to create the safest, and most reliable vehicles on the market.


EXWAY’s “Born for Freedom” goal is to encourage urban users to get out there and explore their cities with freedom of an unparalleled electric skateboard.  At the Sunto company, they strive to intertwine technology and old school skate culture into one finely tuned machine. They are one of China’s most innovative electric skateboard brands and pride themselves with the Exway products. They will continue to do everything it takes to push the design envelope and stay at the top of the electric skateboard market.

Sunto believes that if a company wants to serve the market and their customers well, then it must keep developing and manufacturing the best products and have keep the “Skateboard are Created for Freedom” moto as its core value.